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ViaSat provides internet service on Naval Station Guantanamo Bay (NSGB) that will give everyone blazing-fast speeds and superior reliability around the base.

The service from ViaSat utilizes the goWiFi wireless network already deployed at Naval Bases around the world today.

  • Service plans up to 30X faster than previous plans available at NSGB
  • More reliable and stable connection
  • Immediately available, no wait list
  • 24x7x365 phone support
How to Get the New Service

ViaSat provides internet modems free of charge across NSGB. These modems are owned by ViaSat and will remain in the house/room as residents move in or move out. The modems will be clearly labeled, so please do not remove, move, or adjust the modem unless instructed by a ViaSat representative. For Family Housing, you may plug in your own equipment (router/extender/etc.) to the ViaSat modem, and you will continue to own and be responsible for your personal equipment.

Getting Connected

Step 1: Use a WiFi-enabled device. Many devices have WiFi built in. You can also get a WiFi adapter to add to your device.

Step 2: Use the WPA2 key found on the ViaSat modem to connect to the goWiFi network.

Step 3: Open your web browser, sign-up for service, and login using your new username and password.

That’s it! As easy as 1-2-3!

Family Housing
Plan Advantages
  • No contractural commitments
  • Option to plug in your own router (ViaSat modem will come with built-in Wi-Fi)
  • Special accounts unique to NSGB Family Housing
    • Unlimited devices
    • Higher speed plans
  • Once modem is installed, connect and choose a speed plan
  • Billing is electronic by credit card
  • Permanent modem in your house (property of ViaSat)
  • Non-ViaSat modems are expressly prohibited
How to Sign Up for Family Housing Plan
  • A new ViaSat modem will be installed in your residence.
  • Find the goWiFi network on your Wi-Fi enabled device and connect using the WPA2 key (password) found on the label of your cable modem.
  • Once connected, you will be directed to a signup portal to select your preferred speed plan.
  • Once signup is completed, you will have open internet access for an unlimited number of devices.
  • The account and speed plan will be assigned to your family’s modem and cannot be used in any other locations.
  • When you move, you can cancel your account at any time. No need to return the modem, you can leave it where it is.
Family Housing Account Access on Base
  • Family Housing accounts are unique because of the higher speeds and unlimited devices, therefore your account can only be used within your own residence, not throughout the base.
Monthly Speed Plans* Download Max (Mbps) Upload Max (Mbps) # of Concurrent Devices Monthly Price One-Time Setup Price
10 Mbps up to 10 up to 5 Unlimited $69.95 Free
30 Mbps up to 30 up to 15 Unlimited $89.95 Free
75 Mbps up to 75 up to 20 Unlimited $129.95 Free

* The above Family Housing-specific rate plans may only be used on NSGB Family Housing Networks. Service speeds allotted are shared by all active devices. Advertised speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

Unaccompanied Housing
One Network
  • Consistent with other ViaSat goWiFi Unaccompanied Housing offerings at Naval Bases worldwide
  • Sailors can use the same login on any goWifi network on Naval Bases worldwide
Price Plans
  • Same prices and speeds that are available on Naval Bases worldwide with no contractual commitments
  • Permanent ViaSat modem in your residence (non-ViaSat modems are expressly prohibited)
Monthly Speed Plans** Download Max (Mbps) Upload Max (Mbps) # of Concurrent Devices Monthly Price One-Time Setup Price
Complimentary (60 min per month) up to 1 up to 1 1 Free Free
Daily up to 3 up to 1 1 $7.95 Free
Weekly up to 3 up to 1 1 $14.95 Free
Monthly Basic up to 3 up to 1 1 $26.95 Free
Monthly Gold up to 6 up to 3 2 $34.95 Free
Monthly Platinum up to 30 up to 15 3 $49.95 Free

**Max speeds are divided among all concurrent devices allowed on a user account. Advertised user speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.


7 – ABC 17 – Entertainment 27 – WGN 37 – PBS 48 – WB
8 – TNT 18 – Fuse 28 – ABC Family 38 - ESPN2 51 - CNN
9 – CBS 19 – LIFETIME 29 – CINEMAX 39 – SyFy 53 – TV Guide
10 – NBC 20 – Animal Planet 30 – HBO 40 – HISTORY
11 – A&E 21 – SHOWTIME 31 – Phoenix Roller 41 – Turner Classics
12 – TLC 22 – Discovery 32 – AFN Spectrum 43 – AFN News
13 – FOX 23 – TBS 33 – GA Country 44 – AFN Prime
14 – Telemundo 24 – THE Movie Channel 34 – C-Span 45 – BASE ROLLER
15 – Cartoon Network 25 – Boomerang 35 – BET 46 – AFN Family
16 – ESPN 26 – AFN Extra 36 – HLN 47 – FOOD NETWORK